BBQ Festival may 29-30 | snow hill, md


It's official we have been sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society and it is your chance to compete & win the 3rd annual Pig & A Jig BBQ Competition. We have also received a Maryland State Proclamation certificate so all winners will be eligible for the Maryland State Championship.
Sign up today Professional Application and Amateur Application.

Over $9,500 in Prizes and trophies
will be presented to the top competitors in each category and a Grand Champion
( complete prize schedule coming soon).

Why not enjoy your stay?
Snow Hill is a beautiful small town with a variety of interests including Art, Food, Entertainment and Recreation (fishing, hiking, canoeing and more). It is also just 30 minutes from Assateague Island and Ocean City, Maryland. Find out more about our little neck of the
woods at Beach and Beyond.

Arrive Early

We have permission from the owners of the land to extend to all of you the opportunity to arrive early to give you and your team and/or family a chance to enjoy the beach and not to have to worry about finding accommodations.  If you are interested in this opportunity please contact us at

Who is coming?
It is still early but we have quite a few BBQrs signed up already check back soon for a complete list or contact Sandy Fulton for more details at  

Phone: 410-726-1881  | Email:



To all of our great competitors. Below is a list of the 2014 Winners.

Biker BBQ - 1st Place
Chix, Swine & Bovine BBQ - 2nd Place
Adam's Ribs - 3rd Place

Drilling and Grilling - 1st Place
Christmas City BBQ - 2nd Place
The Guy BBQ - 3rd Place

Pork Ribs
Big Ugly's BBQ - 1st Place
That Buy BBQ - 2nd Place
Eggstgra Point BBQ - 3rd Place

The Machine - 1st Place
Ribs Within - 2nd Place
Big Ugly's BBQ - 3rd Place

Anything Butt
Big Ugly's BBQ - 1st Place
Christmas City BBQ - 2nd Place

Christmas City BBQ - 1st Place
Drilling and Grilling - 2nd Place

Amateur Overall
Lazy Pigs BBQ

Amateur Chicken
Hit 'N The Sauce - 1st Place
Overall BBQ - 2nd Place
Lazy Pigs BBQ - 3rd Place

Amateur Ribs
Lazy Pigs BBQ - 1st Place
Snow Hillbilly BBQ - 2nd Place
Overall BBQ - 3rd Place

Some scenes from last year